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Petron Corporation is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company that formulates and manufacturers specialty lubricants for Mining, Power and Cement applications as well as heavy industry worldwide. Petron Corporation was founded in 1968 in New Berlin, Wisconsin. In 1982, Petron became a member of the West Chemical Products family and remains an independent subsidiary. Petron prides itself on developing specialty products which solve problems for mining and heavy industrial customers. Petron developed Open Gear Lubricants that meet and exceed OEM requirements.

Petron delivers outstanding technical services which complement its world-class products. Petron is a world leader in Open Gear Lubricants for mills, kilns, shovels and draglines. Petron is known for the development of high viscosity lubricants that deliver the best EHL film thickness while maintaining pumpability in extremely cold temperatures. Petron is at the forefront of developing environmentally acceptable products. In 1980, Petron became the first open gear lubricant company to take the lead out of its open gear lubricant, Gear Shield ® , which gave us an advantage over all other competitors and was the springboard to our national and eventual global expansion. Petron was also the first to remove the aromatic hydrocarbons (1987) as well as chlorinated solvents (1991) from our open gear lubricants. Petron is one of the top specialty lubricant providers worldwide.


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