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Petron’s New Walking Cam Lube for Draglines

Petron’s New Walking Cam Lube for Draglines

By Chuck Strait

Petron has successfully developed and tested a new product offering used to lubricate the Monighan Walking Cam mechanism for mid-size and smaller draglines. For those of you that are not familiar with mid-sized draglines, here is some basic information:

  • Draglines are the largest piece of equipment located on a mine site.
  • A mid-size dragline can weigh upwards of 8 million pounds.
  • Mid-size draglines can have a boom that is 345 feet long.
  • Draglines of this size can swing a bucket that can hold 80 Cubic Yards of material.
  • This size dragline is powered by a direct connection to the high-voltage grid at voltages up to 22 kV. A typical dragline, can use up to 6 megawatts during normal digging operations, which is the equivalent of over 5,000 homes.

Petron Open Gear Lubricants such as the Petrotac EP Premium 30B have performed exceptionally well on the large Hoist and Drag open gearing used in draglines, but our previous walking cam lubricant had average at best performance. This fact greatly reduced our chances to land large dragline lubricant contracts, until now; the new Petron Monighan Walking Cam lube will set the new standard for performance at a competitive price. Early indications show that it outperforms the competition in head to head trials and will over time, provide better equipment life. The initial trial phase was a measurement of how many steps a dragline can take without lubricant replenishment. The industry average is to lubricate every step. The best competitor walking cam lubricants would go 2-3 steps before the dragline would start to shake and shutter when trying to step. This shuttering is indicative that the lubricant is no longer keeping the walking mechanism moving parts separated from direct contact. The Petron Walking Cam lubricant consistently went 4-5 steps without any noticeable thinning of the lubricant film or adhesiveness of the cam and the walking shoe. With this new product offering Petron has once again demonstrated the ability to provide exceptional lubricants at a competitive price in an ever-changing mining market.

Special Announcement

Special Announcement

I am pleased to announce the hiring of Erik Miller to the position of Production Supervisor effective February 1st, 2018.  Erik’s primary responsibility will be management of the day-to-day operations on the production floor. Erik earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Marquette University. 

Erik has over 15 years of chemical manufacturing experience having worked for Cambridge Major Laboratories, Thermofisher Scientific, and Nova-Kem, LLC.  At his most recent position with Nova-Kem, Erik managed production operations of high-purity semiconductor compounds.

Erik and his wife Tara live in Wauwatosa and have a 3 year old son, Vance.  In his free time, Erik enjoys golf, fishing, and road trips to northern Wisconsin with his family.

Please join me in welcoming Erik to the Petron team!

Jim Bittner

Ramachandra Chandrasekar Promoted to Vice President Sales and Marketing


I am very pleased to announce the promotion of Ramachandra Chandrasekar to Vice President Sales and Marketing effective February 26, 2018. Chandra will be reporting directly to me.

Chandra has served as Sales Director-India, Middle East and Asia, based in Bangalore India, for the past 7 years. During this period Chandra has developed Petron from zero market share in India to being one of the leading OGL’s for mills and kilns in the Indian Cement and Iron/Steel markets.

More recently Chandra has broadened Petron’s market penetration by rejuvenating the China business model while at the same time opening up brand new markets in Morocco and United Arab Emirates. As well as setting up new distribution in Malaysia.

I look forward to Chandra bringing his energy, product knowledge, proven sales ability, organization and steady leadership to this new role.

Chandra and Gayathri and their two girls will be relocating to New Berlin Wisconsin in the very near future.

Please join me in welcoming Chandra to this new role.


John P. McHale


SRI Recommends Unconditional Approval for ISO 9001:2015 Renewal

ISO 9001:2015 Transition Audit Renewal #25

November 2nd, 2017 Petron’s Quality System Registrar - SRI audited Petron and recommended Unconditional Approval with zero non-conformances at the ISO 9001:2015 Standards.

Congratulations to everyone at Petron! Let’s keep making Quality a Top Priority and considering Risk factor ramifications as they effect Safety & Health, Finances, Quality, and Petron’s reputation.

Jake Doherty Hired as Service Technician, North American Mining Division

I am pleased to announce the hiring of Mr. Jake Doherty to the position of Service Technician, North American Mining Division, effective June 24th, 2017. Jake’s primary responsibility will be to conduct routine service inspections at current Petron customers located throughout the United States.

Jake has a BS in Engineering Technology, with an emphasis in Project Management and Manufacturing. 

  • Jake has worked in the Lubricant Services field since 2012.
  •  He has diagnosed and designed lubrication systems and skids.
  •  Inspected grease systems on Shovels, Drills, Trucks, and Rolling Stock at local mines and worked as a Project Manager on several projects.

He can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jake lives in the Hibbing, MN area.

Please join me in welcoming Jake to the Petron team!

Chuck Strait
Manager, Technical Services

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