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Contract Services

Petron provides contract manufacturing and packaging for many companies. We currently manufacture under contract agreements products including open gear lubricants, fire resistant hydraulic fluids, rust inhibitors and gear oils. We also produce a variety of chemical degreaser and chemical cleaning products under the contract-manufacturing scenario.

Petron has the kettle capability and configuration to manufacture as little as 1,000 gallons to as much as 13,000 gallons, depending on the requirements. We can package in a wide variety of containers from bulk tanks to pails.

Petron's technical staff is available to provide assistance in the event you want to make some modifications or changes to the current product design or we can custom formulate a product to meet your specification.

Every product made in our batch process environment is individually Quality Controlled to ISO 9001 certification standards to assure each and every product meets your strict quality standards.

Petron's central geographic location in New Berlin, Wisconsin makes for ideal shipping logistics throughout North America.

Allow Petron to customize contract services for your business need.

Please feel free to contact John McHale or simply call our office at 262-797-4680 or 800-757-5796.

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