Customer Satisfaction Survey 2022

A good business will keep its current Customers while actively seeking new Customers for continued growth. Petron conducts a Customer Satisfaction Survey to help us, monitor, improve, and strive to be a good business partner to help retain our Customer base and grow.

Petron had a 61% return rate for our electronically sent survey. Our Customer Satisfaction Survey focused on, and reports improvement in, all three segments: Product, Pricing, and Petron as a Company.

Several points should continue to be shared with Customers: – Speak to the Quality of the product. – Make sure that Customers are aware of the Technical Support and Services that Petron provides on a continuing basis. Many of our competitors do not offer any support network. – Make certain that you know what the Competitors are charging for their lubricants? It is important to compare products and shipping.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results