Customer Satisfaction Survey 2013

Customer Satisfaction 2013 by Elisa J. Pieroni

Petron conducted our Bi-annual Customer Satisfaction Survey in early 2013. We are seeing a nice increase on the rate of return:

* 23% returned in 2013 (all sent electronically)
* 20% returned in 2011 (all sent electronically)
* 12% returned in 2009 (all sent electronically)

(Electronic based Surveys average 10-15% in response rate)

Petron has averaged an 86% Satisfaction Rating for the last 10 years.

When we break the survey down into sections we can see that Petron’s products, quality, and pricing have been trending upward and demonstrating continuous improvement.

Some of our Goals from our 2013 Customer Satisfaction Survey:

* Continue to offer Training to our Distributors, End Users, and Personnel.
* Work on giving more (and timely) field service.
* Continue to give our Customers, Distributors, and Suppliers the Highest Quality and Best Service that we can possibly accomplish.

In addition to the Customer Satisfaction Survey Petron keeps track of several key measurables, a couple of which are:
* On Time Shipments averaging 98.6%
* Customer Complaints averaging 0.4%
* First Time Through for Products averaging 97%