Changing Needs Demand Adaptation

by Bruce Muretta

As economy changes affect the demands of our customer base, we at Penetone must change and diversify our products. Chad Tennant has made an excellent stride in this transformation with his contacts at Tyco by introducing Wescodyne Plus as a disinfectant for fire department respiration masks.

The sale was easy. Chad worked closely with Phil Figdore to identify the product and make the proper technical presentation at Tyco. The next step required Phil to qualify Wescodyne Plus at all the States controlling regulatory agencies. To comply with all required regs., labeling information was lengthy and precise. Phil compiled this information and worked with a specialty printer to produce the label. In turn, Tyco reviewed label proofs by their technical staff to accomplish final resolution.

Filling and packaging required complex coordination by Ralph Santoro and Health Perine working with a specilty packager to produce the final product. After package review and acceptance by Tyco, sales began.

Substantial sales have been made and we are now working with Tyco for international introduction.