Bob Colombo Retirement

Bob Colombo retired from Petron Corporation effective December 31, 2011.

Bob has worked for Petron for 18 years. His first assignment was that of North American Sales Manager. Some years later he took on the responsibility of International Sales Manager. In the last several years Bob headed up our Technical Support Division.

During all of these assignments Bob travelled to numerous mining locations throughout the world selling and supporting Petron’s specialty lubricants.  For those of you who truly understand the mining business you know full well that many mining locations are located in tough to get to parts of the world and when you do get there many of the lodging and eating amenities are less than ideal.  In spite of the travel hardships Bob was always willing to go wherever the job required. He has wonderful tales to tell you about many of the locations he has gone to, but the point is he travelled without complaint and he went often.

Bob’s strength lies in his technical expertise of lube systems, specialty lubricants, stationary and rotating machinery and overall mechanical aptitude. He is always the happiest when he is either trouble shooting a problem or presenting OGL’s to customers or OEM’s.

Bob’s desire was to do less traveling but not quit the mining business completely. To that end, Bob has started up a consulting company and Petron is anticipating contracting with Bob to help us with OGL issues throughout the world. Only now Bob can be more choosey on where and when he goes.

Bob and his wife, Rosalia, have recently completed building a new home in a beautiful location outside of Ouro Preto Brazil.

We wish Bob well in his semi-retirement.

We want to thank Bob for his 18 years of service to Petron.


John McHale